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Missing Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury, entertainer extraordinaire, was born in 1946. He would have been a beautiful senior man today had he lived past his 45th birthday. Widely regarded as bisexual, he named his rock band QUEEN, but not, he insisted, because of the gay subtext.


The Harvard Endowment

I met HARVARD YARD in the cafeteria of the National Gallery of Art (Washington’s art galleries are great places to meet single older men). I had seen him upstairs in an exhibition that included James Rosenquist’s White Bread, a metaphor appropriate to HY’s bland good looks.

Prom Here To Eternity

STARGAZER wants me to be his date for the Senior Prom.  In this case, “senior” refers to a spunky set of revelers who wrote their last term papers in 1961. “I know this is a lot to ask,” he says in an email.  “Other people’s high school reunions are pretty deadly, but it would mean…