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Looking For Love in the Workplace


My company was looking for a public relations consultant and a colleague suggested FIREFLY.  After three weeks of working together and grabbing fast food a nearby cafeteria, he asked me if I’d like to have a “real lunch.”  I was as tired as he was of tuna salad takeout, and I met his invitation with a wide-eyed YES!  He put the top down on his blue BMW convertible and we headed out to P.F. Chang’s China Bistro.

chinese restaurant kitchen

FIREFLY is not very tall, and I was glad to be wearing flat sandals when he took my hand in a friendly, unselfconscious way and we walked into the restaurant together. He’s got an effortless charm that got us an excellent table.

Really handsome in an old guy way, FIREFLY has close-cropped hair and sleek, burnished-copper skin. Something about the way he walks makes me think he might have been fat years ago. He eats like that, too — cautiously. We ordered soup and we shared a salad, which is pretty intimate for a first date.


We were quick to learn that we had similar histories and lots in common. During the 60s he was in Mississippi with the Freedom Riders and I ran an urban job training program.

There was more. We both slogged our way through piano and voice lessons and recitals, both worked for the government and later for several Washington think tanks. We both love theater, football, film noir, and jazz.  When the lunch was over, we had agreed to go to the movies together and to check out a downtown Washington jazz festival.  FIREFLY wouldn’t let me pay my share of the bill. He was so glad to find someone on his wave length that he insisted on picking up the whole tab.

It’s not too early to determine this: I don’t think we’ll be walking into the sunset together. In spite of a whole lot of shared interests, there are no vibes, no attraction that goes beyond a meeting of minds. But I do hope it’s the beginning of a friendship.


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  1. August 30, 2010 @ 3:53 pm MGI89

    He sounds really nice. Everyone in my workplace is married or weird or too young. I am the oldest woman in the whole building.

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