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ABC Disses


The flap about trying to achieve advertising legitimacy with the ABC network appears to be about the site’s incipient naughtiness. ABC’s “Cougar Town,” which some of you may for some reason actually be watching, is just the place for a ad, but the cluck-cluckers are having none of it so far.

According to its founder, Claudia Opdenkelder, is “the premier dating service (for) women like you – successful, self-confident, and mature, who are looking to meet young, confident men.”

Are you and I Cougars?  I’m afraid not. When Ms. Opdenkelder speaks of “mature” she is talking about your daughter and her friends. And when she talks about young men she doesn’t mean a 59-year-old.

Claudia Cougar

The gorgeous Ms. O looks to be in her mid to late 30s, and her site is really meant to pair a middle-aged woman with a much, much younger man — like a mother with her son’s college roommate (or in our case, a grandson’s roommate).

This just proves my point that dating sites are a little bit about your happiness, but a lot about their own. is only months old, and it already seeks adverising exposure worth millions of dollars. I’m guessing it will succeed in getting its advertisement on national TV; you can dangle millions in front of TV marketing executives just so long before they grab ’em.

Paris Hilton blogs that ABC’s stance is “hypocritical” and I think on this single occasion I would have to agree with her. The networks are daily bowing to the prurient, and they might just as well give in to Ms. Opdenkelder, to whom one can only say, “hats off for a killer PR campaign.” Check out her amazing site at Then come back here to reality. Forget the baby guys calls Cubs. You need a good senior man.

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  1. December 4, 2009 @ 11:01 pm Claudette

    Computers ARE your best bet, ladies. You can cut out all the first-date Q & A and get straight to more interesting, more meaningful conversation. This is a great site, and I hope it inspires more older women to explore on-line dating. It’s worked for me, even though I must admit I haven’t found Old Mr. Right yet…just some really nice gentlemen, one of whom may turn out to be THE ONE someday.

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