Me, Myself, and Milo

MILO is my first adventure in dating senior men, my first senior guy date. He’s nice, he’s polite, and he’s on time. Milo doesn’t look like his online dating site photo. He was a Green Beret in Viet Nam, and wounds from a grenade blast required the rebuilding of his cheekbone and jaw. The extensive facial reconstruction makes his smile a little crooked — but in a really charming way.

We ate a few pleasant lunches together, saw a movie or two, grew apart but stayed friends. MILO and I are not a match, but I walked away from this Dating Senior Men experience brimming with the joy of encounter with a senior man who is intelligent, interesting, amusing, perceptive, and kind.

After MILO came STUNT MAN, FIGARO, HARVARD YARD, FIREFLY, TV IDOL, STARGAZER, DR. SHRINK, PAST PERFECT, WEB STALKER, PASHA, and LUST FOR BRAINS. Each was different in his own way. None are terrible (well, maybe just one…), and some are pretty perfect — for someone else, not me. Read their unfolding stories in my Dating Gallery – on the right, just opposite the words you’re reading.


Mature men are quirky, and they come with tons of baggage. I’ve kissed my share of frogs (hey, some frogs are NICE), and I know that someday my Prince will come, and so will yours. You’ve got to have faith.

frog prince

The senior dating game is complicated. You can’t count on raw luck. You can’t just jump in with no preparation and expect a miracle — though believing in miracles will certainly help. At the very least, you’ll need the following character traits. If you don’t have them and can’t cultivate them, you’ll need to find an interesting hobby, because the hard work of finding a senior man will wear you down and eventually defeat you.


Senior men will talk your ear off. You can be the world’s leading horticulturist, chef, economist, tattoo artist – you’ll have to listen to his accomplishments first. We’re products of our culture. It’s a guy thing.


No one scores 100 on the dating test. The senior man who made you quiver with excitement probably won’t call again, and you’ll hear every day from the one you can’t stand. It’s exasperating, but so were algebra and breast feeding.


The competition is tough: the ratio of 60-plus women to men is not in our favor, and a whole bunch of younger women are also looking for partners. We’ve got to show our guys something these young gals can’t (more of that on subsequent pages).


A mature man can spot a complainer, a micro-controller, a pessimist, or a depressive, and he’ll be gone in a flash. Contentment is pure gold when you’re looking for a partner.


It’s not easy to find a good man after age 60, but how is senior dating any harder than what younger women face? Younger single women have to cope with expiring biological clocks, 6 AM gym classes, and expensive breast enhancement surgery. All that stands in our way are wrinkles, sags, sciatica, and an endless supply of arm-candy lovelies who are 25 years our junior.

You may have been hoping to tie up with someone from your workplace, your place of worship, or your class reunion, but the eligible guys in those venues are all surfing the Web, looking at senior dating sites, so I’ll be talking a lot about online dating. This site will help you create an effective profile, and believe me, if you do it right, you’ll be contacted by multiple men within hours of your first post on a legitimate internet dating site. To learn more, click on the How To Find A Good Man category on the right side of this page.

Undertake this journey with the poise and assurance you have earned. Loads of good old guys are looking for seasoned, interesting, age-appropriate women. They want you to find them. Rejoice! Life is good and, if you want to feel a real surge of confidence, take a look at the encouraging truth on this site under the title What Senior Men Want.

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